Spin a drum and get your win in 777 slot games

Spin a drum and get your first win

Most slots that are produced today are made with the SSL encryption system. This system allows you to randomly select a winner by choosing a random number.

Also, before starting the game, you need to familiarize yourself with what RPT is. RTP is a return to the player. On average, each slot has an RTP of 93 to 98%. This means that if you make a bet of 50 euros, then the probability is 95% that after playing the slot they will come back to you.

Each slot must be selected by the number of its reels. The more reels, the higher the chance of winning. There are reels, but there are pay lines. These are the lines that run in parallel on the reels. Symbols are depicted on these lines. Each slot has its own symbols, and each of them has a different meaning.

The rules are simple. The player bets on a certain line. The minimum bet amount is determined by the casino itself or the slot itself. After the bet, you can spin the drum. If the same combination appears on the line, or certain symbols appear on the interface of the slot, the player wins.

Also during the game, bonus symbols may appear, which give an additional opportunity to rotate the reel or double your winnings. We will discuss this topic in more detail in another section. Now let’s see how the slots look.

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777 Slot Games Interface

Most slots look the same. Each has a minimum of three pay lines and three reels. Different characters depending on the game, as well as different types of bonuses.

There are also slots in which the number of lines and reels can exceed 20 and 30. As a rule, the Spin button is located in the lower right corner. In the lower console, you can also monitor the number of available spins and your winnings, as well as the amount of deposit.

All slots are usually made in HD quality. Most of them are also accessible trying in Demo Version. This means that you can play the slot without making real money bets. And just try the slot to understand whether it suits you or not.

Each slot also has its own instruction that explains how to use the slot correctly. Each slot implies its own unique combination. You do not need to have three identical symbols in order to hit the jackpot. It is simple enough that certain symbols appear on the interface in different lines. If they form a certain combination, the gambler wins.

The main thing that you need to play video slots 777 is a good mood and a bit of luck.

Types of 777 free casino slot games

By the number of reels in the game, determine the type and type of slot. In addition, the type of video game is divided by its functions. In addition to the fact that the slots are divided by their providers on the sites, they are also divided into several types. Here we list only four main ones:

Fruit Slots

One of the most popular types of video slots. The name speaks for itself. The symbol depicts fruits. This is not the only distinguishing feature of this type of game. One of the most important characteristics is the number of only three reels and always one winning line. This is the first kind of slot that began to gain popularity when gambling was just becoming fashionable. Therefore, the first characteristic sign of video games is cherries and strawberries.

With 7 drums and more

When the slots came into fashion, the developers came up with the idea, why not add a few reels to the video game? Once they decided to translate this idea into reality and the result was stunning. Video games with symbols have become even more popular than before.

By adding an even greater number of reels to the game, the percentage of winnings, i.e. RTP, became even higher. The more reels, the more and higher the number of winnings and jackpots. Players understood this chip, and now slots with a large number of reels are very popular among other games.


When slots with a large number of reels give insufficient winnings, then bonus slots enter the scene. This is a special kind of slot that makes it possible to get even greater wins. It’s all about the special characters that the games offer. When certain symbols appear on the lines, the player has the opportunity to get a big jackpot, as well as additional spins. Some bonus combinations double your jackpot, and some make it possible to simply spin the reel a few more times.

These slots are the most popular among the slots in the gambling market.
In addition to the bonuses offered by the slot itself, the slots often receive the welcome bonus packages of the casino itself. In addition to this, there are also several more auction offers that can also be used in 777 slot games.


Another popular type of slots. The main distinguishing feature of these video games is that all bets made on this slot are added up. It doesn’t matter from which casino site the player is betting on the Jackpot slot. They will accumulate and turn into one big jackpot. All that is required of the gambler in this form of slots is luck and rotation of the drum.

What are Wild Symbols in 777 video slot games?

To make your game more exciting and interesting, the developers have specially created characters that help you in this game.

The two most common unusual symbols are the Wild and Scatters symbols.

The first performs the following function. When the necessary symbols appear on the screen that brings victory, Wild arranges them in the right order, so that they make up a winning combination. There may be several of them on the screen, and they themselves can also form winning combinations.

The Scatter symbol is a special symbol that does not require a specific place on the slot interface. No matter where he is if he falls to the player, it means victory. Several of these symbols on the screen can bring a colossal jackpot. An even better combination is the Wild and Scatter symbols combined with each other. Then the selected slot will definitely bring victory to the player.

How to win 777 slot machine via Mobile?

There is nothing easier than playing 777 slots on mobile devices. Any casino supports the mobile version of the site. Playing video games and making deposits via mobile devices is twice as convenient and easier than using a computer. This and portability and ease of movement and ease of operations.

It is especially easy to make deposits and withdraw money from the site from a mobile device if you have the Easy Pay function activated. In this case, you can carry out monetary transactions from the site just by putting your finger on the phone. Game slots are available for games from a mobile phone or from a tablet. With any software, Android, or Windows.

All video slots perfectly adapt to the screen expansion of your device, and the quality remains excellent. Some games can be downloaded to your device, and then you won’t even need the Internet. Just sit in your chair, relax, and enjoy the gameplay.

Most Popular slot`s Providers

When choosing a gaming slot, you also need to pay attention to who its manufacturer is. In this you can easily determine the quality of the game or even the probability of winning.

Here we will name the 3 top gaming providers by slots.

  1. NextGen. The slots of this development are fully licensed. The company has created more than 100 games. Their highlight is that in some of them you can choose where and when the Wild symbol falls out.
  2. Playtech. The games of this provider can be easily recognized by 3D drawing. High quality and vibrant symbols are also hallmarks. The company of developers has been on the market for a very long time, already since 1999. During this time, this provider is rooted in land-based casinos as well as in online portals.
  3. Realtime Gaming. Or abbreviated as RTG. Now leading in the number of the most downloaded games in the world. The company also works since the distant nineties and received quite a few awards for its creations. Every year, providers add more and more new slots to their range and delight their players.

Final 777 Slot Games Review

There are now a huge number of slots in the world, and we will help you figure out which ones are better. So here are a couple of tips on what criteria are best for choosing video slots:

  • Read the instructions carefully before starting the game. Perhaps the rules for getting a win are not quite as pleasant as we would like, or the jackpot size is at a low minimum.
  • Choose slots by the number of pay lines and reels. Why it is so – we explained above.
  • Pay attention to the game developer. Choose slots only from the best manufacturers.
  • You can easily find information about the slot on any website. Read what other gamblers write about him.
  • Do not place bets in only one video slot. Add variety, try other games.
  • Do not be discouraged if you can not get the jackpot right away. You may need a lot of time and deposits before you get a profit.
  • And the most important thing is to remember that winning is not the most important thing. The important thing here is to have fun!

mr. Timothy Hicks - review author