Video Slots Game Selection Shall Be Good in a Good Online Casino

Video slots are the base of every online casino, doesn’t matter whether it is a good or a bad one. Let us say so: without video slots, no company would exist. What are those super important slots though and what is the main principle of their work?

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If you have an idea about any online casino game, you for sure know what a slot is. Basically, it is a virtual machine that allows you to play. If earlier, a slot was an alone-standing machine with handles, reels, awards, now, the things have changed a lot. A slot is a software, a special program. The main part, the core of every slot game is a Random Number Generator. It is a special software that is responsible for the outcome of every spin. To be more specific, it is a software that takes care of the randomness of all the results.

Basically, when you see or hear that all the casino games were tested and certified, it means that the RNG was tested for whether it works properly. Only in the case when a testing lab proves that all the results are random, it issues the certification.

Why is randomness of the slot results so crucial though? Well, just imagine that the results can be adjusted. Do you believe an online company would resist the temptation? That’s why the proper work of the RNG is crucial for both a company and a gambler. It is being monitored and tested constantly.

One more important feature of every slot is its RPT, or Return to Player. It is expressed in a percent value. It shows how much a provider is willing to give for winnings from the general sum of all the deposits.

For instance, if you see that the RTP of a video slot is 96%, it means that the provider is willing to give 96% of all the deposits for winnings. 4% the company keeps for itself. It doesn’t mean though that players will necessarily win all the 96%. This is the top value.

A normal RTP is from around 95% to 98%. Some slots are generous enough to offer even 99%, but for that, special conditions shall be met. Let us be open: not all the gamblers can afford to meet those conditions. Normally, you would have to place the highest bets on all paying lines of a video slots game, thus, investing a couple of thousands of dollars.

In some cases, you might see that providers offer a 100% or even a higher RTP. Just think logically: what company would even potentially offer more than it can earn from you? The response is evident: it can do only a scammer, to attract you with something unrealistic indeed, and then, to vanish with your deposit.

One more important feature to pay attention to when looking for a video slots game to play is the hit frequency. In simple words, it is the frequency of winnings. For instance, if the hit frequency of a slot is 25, you can count on the win for every fourth spin. From one side, a significantly higher hit frequency might mean more winnings. From the other side, the higher the hit frequency is the smaller the winnings might be. And on the contrary, if the hit frequency is low, you can count on bigger sums of winnings. However, this is not always the truth.

Modern Video Slots Offer Unforgettable Experiences

When it comes to modern video slots game variants, you can expect the greatest variety of plots and themes. Whatever you like:

  • Watching TV shows;
  • Playing computer games;
  • Watching Sci-Fi movies;
  • Enjoying series, or whatever else, most likely, you will find the theme in one or another free video slots game.

Moreover, you will find plenty of features there. Doesn’t matter whether you play free video slots games for fun or you are looking for the best offers to play for real bucks, you can enjoy a plethora of additional things in every single slot. What about checking all of them?

Free video slots games for fun offer a lot of additional games. Some of them add just fun, while others can multiply your winnings or even add some free spins, bonus codes, and similar. For example, a bonus game, or a bonus round, are very popular by all the developers. You shall either guess something, or perform some basic actions, or comply with some requirements to get some awards.

Additional symbols take care of multiplying your winning chances and the winnings. Take those wilds and scatters alone: could a gambler just for a while think of a provider without them? They add to the winnings, bring some more winnings, replace other symbols to improve your results, and whatever else a developer can add.

Video Slots Are Exclusively Games of Pure Chance

Have you ever heard of the best winning strategies in slots? From our review, you could already understand that they simply do not exist. Of course, you need to manage your bankroll, to be careful with expenses, to select the games with the highest RTP, and similar. These are the tips based on common sense, but these are not strategies.

Video slots, all of them without any exceptions, are games of chance. It means that their results cannot be predicted or forecasted. Of course, this applies to reliable providers only.

Select the Correct Provider

Whether you play free poker video slots or any other slots types, choose the right developer. There are plenty of them, and all of them are different. If you see one or another name on the website of your preferred provider, you know already what you can count on.

The most prominent real money and free poker video slots and other slot types developers are the following.


If you count on breathtaking prices, this is a developer which slots you need to look for. This company is one of those who have created online gambling. Classics and absolutely new developments are typical to Microgaming. Mega Moolah is one of the most popular slots of the company.


NetEnt is one more developer that is famous for its stunning video slots. You don’t even need to download most of them to play on any of your mobile devices. They are all developed by the application of the most advanced technologies and adjust to any screen of any device. This is one of the real pioneers in the field of online gambling, but the difference from Microgaming is in the technology. This provider is known for its amazing slots for mobile devices. And now, it is actively working on the development of VR slots.


PlayTech is one of the most reputable developers, and its casinos are very popular in England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. It is a pity but the developer doesn’t provide its solutions to the players from the USA, due to some legal limitations. One of the main secrets of the company’s success is the fact that they have put their hands literally everywhere. This is one of few developers whose shares are listed on London Stock Exchange. 

The company develops solutions for live casinos, mobile slots, games to play from a desktop. Exclusive agreements with the leading film production studios allow PlayTech creating unique games. For instance, this is the only company that can develop slots with Avengers themes. The same applies to many more games with themes based on famous movies and TV-shows. Thus, if you want something distinguishing, try PlayTech, all the video slots games play free or for real money. Consider though one more distinguishing feature: many slots of this developer are high volatility games. It means that you can win a lot indeed, but you can lose a lot, too.

Besides these three developers, you can find hundreds more. There are thousands of video poker slot machines for sale. Your task is to determine the games of which developers you like more and choose the providers where your favorite developers are available.

How to Select the Right Casino Online to Play Video Slots Productively

It is important to choose not only developers that provide you with so much wished games, but casinos, too. There is a list of must-to-be requirements for every online gambling company to comply with. If at least one of them isn’t ok, we would insist on searching for a different option for gambling. Thus, the mandatory requirements for every company to comply with are the following:

Licensing, preferably by a reputable watchdog. A license provides the punters with some confidence that their funds are more or less safe. A license obliges a company to hold your deposits in an account separated from the account where the funds of the company are held. The company cannot just take and expend your funds.

A good customer support, it is much better if they are available all the time. Whenever you deal with money, you shall be able to get assistance if some unpleasant things happen. And they might happen any second. Make sure a customer support agent is available constantly during the indicated time, and that he/she is knowledgeable enough to solve gambling-related problems.

Games – the same video slots – shall be certified by any third-party specializing in software testing. Only then, you can hope that the company cannot cheat on you.

Bonuses and promo codes are not mandatory but they always add to the thrill and excitement. A generous welcome bonus has never been odd. Moreover, you can always decline this promotion if you don’t feel in the mood to use those bucks that the company is imposing. But it is always nice to feel that the company is ready to pamper you with one or another bonus code or any other attractive thing, just to remind you that you are one of their valuable clients.

The casino video slots and other games shall be available for gambling on mobile devices. Just trust us: even if you don’t play on your mobile, you might need this option at any moment. What if you will need to go on a business trip? How are you going to kill your time in a train? And how will you feel if you have to put off the next round of your favorite game for several weeks? In such cases, your mobile device with your favorite video slots is the best reply to all your worries.

Games selection shall comply with your needs. Simply put, all the games that you like shall be available, and there are no excuses here. Otherwise, what are you going to play?

Where Can You Find Everything That You Need?

Now, you might be worrying that you would never find a provider that complies with all the requirements. We will though give you some home: there are plenty of casinos for which these requirements are the basics for work. Would you like us to mention some of them?

Spin Casino

This enterprise provides video slots and other games from two the most influential developers in their fields: Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. While the first developer takes care of video slots and traditional slots, the second one takes care of the abundance and quality of live casino games. Several more developers are represented, too, but the number of their games is not significant. In addition, the provider offers very pleasant bonuses, if you are interested. Add a lot of reliable payment options, fast payouts, attentive and absolutely professional customer support agents, and a perfect company is here.

888 Casino

This casino couldn’t be left without our attention. While this is one of those few providers that simply don’t use the software of multiple providers. It is a NetEnt powered provider, and the provider caters for the top-quality games. This casino is also famous for its exceptional customer support and extreme reliability in all the matters of money. Maybe that’s why it has managed to stay online for more than 20 years. During all the period of its existence, it has been known as one of the best and the most reliable providers ever.

Casino Las Vegas

This is an exclusively Playtech powered casino. So, after you have read some information about PlayTech, you know what video games you can find here: just any of them, with any plot. Pick your favorite option and enjoy the best immersive experience. PlayTech is famous for the most realistic effects.

No Bonus Casino

This is a special casino indeed. As you can guess from its name already, the provider doesn’t give any bonuses, not a single one. Well, if you are not after the bonuses anyway, this might be still a nice option for you considering that the company offers a wonderful selection of NetEnt video slots, is super safe and has always been receiving top reviews from customers. Thus, this casino is a perfect one, especially if bonuses are not your priority when gambling.

Betat Casino

Betat Casino is a typical example of a provider that offers games, and video slots in particular, provided by a variety of developers. Microgaming is leading in the list, but along with it, you can find also video slots and other games by Cryptologic, Blueprint Gaming, and more than ten other providers. Payment options are selected in the most careful way to satisfy the needs of the most exigent players.

Final Thoughts

Video slots can be played in every online casino. They are the basics of online gambling. Though, you might need to spend some time to find those variants that are optimal for you. If a casino offers a free play option, don’t hesitate to use it to determine whether you want to stay with the provider. And if yes, move on and earn as much as you can!

mr. Timothy Hicks - review author